Hiiii Everyone, This should be actually my first article to share with anyone,  I always have this kind of passion for creating a blog to share my dreams as well my crazy imagination about this world, so as a start, I choose to talk about traveling, trying new experiences, cultures, cuisine maybe also Fashion anything comes to my mind.

I think the most first step is to introduce myself :D, my name in Khadija, originally Amazight from a deep Rifian City,  Living in Morocco which is a very beautiful country that I truly love, also I’m 26 years old ,  I have always dreamt of traveling the world but it seemed so expensive that I thought it would always be just a dream but as soon I start enjoying this dream I found that is actually possible with really minimum of costs the most important thing is to live your dream, with my blog I hope I can help some of you to live their dreams but  as well to learn from all of you new things so it ‘ll be an exchange of experiences.