Low-cost Holidays

     Travelling and discovering the world it’s the only common dream that we all share for different reasons and self-motivation but we always have the same excuse resuming in we do not have enough money either time. but the most important reason to not enjoy your dream it’s the budget, so in this article, I’ll try to give some precious traps to help you avoiding the mistakes that I did before in my previous trips or the opposite of this some good advice that can be very useful for you to check before your future traveling plans.

Collecting money for travel. Glass tin as moneybox with cash

1- Make a Plan for your trip 

it seems a very silly thing to start with but believes me it’s a very important step never think that taking your backpack is the only thing that can let you hit the road before any trip please be sure to decide where you want to go and sets a goal to work toward,  A lot of us talk vaguely about travel. which is a very big mistake Picking a destination is the only way to helps you organizing and scheduling your trips with all details and even preparing yourself for all kind of problems an easy example to use like while picking up the destination I need to have an idea about the weather for packing the right clothes or the level of criminality  or the dangerous places to avoid it of course … so always try to have a quick look to check  the social and the economic life.

2- Pick up the right season with right budget 

As discussed, in the end of the first Step you absolutely need to make a research about your destination to define your costs, easy just google’it, put the magic word on any search motor and wait for the results it’ll give you what you need, but the most important details is about flight and hotels so make a quick calculus about your average budget.

Otherwise, it’s a necessary if you are looking for a cheap way to travel, to delete from your mind any idea to travel as relaxed and rich people, to save your money, always pick up the right season and avoid the hot one where everything got double costs like holidays or summer.

3- Saving money 

This is absolutely THE  PRIMARY STEP, without money there is no Trip as simple as this :D, it’s all related for me after getting a plan or a goal now it’s time for actions, we spend our day losing money on stupid habit like eating outside fast food it’s the biggest source that take as in the red, eat your own hand work food learn how to cook this has so many advantages for your saving money 1 and  making peace with your body it’s more healthy, Stop paying for stuff that you never use or never wear, you can buy whatever you want but with a reasonable way, Stop Smoking and use a bicycle to move around your city, especially from work to home it’s also more healthy :p.

you can make a balance sheet to write for example a small study about ur expenses during a month by dividing your basic and extra needs with this way you can control your monthly salary and have a clear idea about how you can manage to save the x amount reserved for this Trip.

4- Book your flight 

Just right after Confirming your plan, book your seat, as soon as you can. why so simple flight tickets get high and more expensive with time and this due to the pressure and the availability, booking your seat early gives you a greats deals and a confirmation that makes you already facing the reality there is no running away anymore we are going yes or yes.

here is some great website or low-cost planes that I use:

Skyscanner: /https://www.skyscanner.fr/ why is my preferable website because it gives you actually the possibility to see the whole year prices this option it’s very important to decide when it’s the cheapest days to travel, I never could find this option anywhere til now.

Do not remember to check others website such us

In the other hand, I always check all flight destinations for RYANAIR that even could give you another advantage to save some money ( the commission taken by the companies mentioned above).

The last option is so easy just put your departure and arrival aeroports in Couchsurfing website, to be exact this forumhttps://www.couchsurfing.com/groups/airlines-low-cost-budget-cheap-flights and you gonna got so many answers, Good people still living on our planet.

To make it easy remember to ask your bank for a credit card to bought online your tickets.

5- Accommodations 

 There is actually a large game for you, it’s all depending on your style and budget I’ll show you the cheapest way here:

  • Exchange your flat with another from your destination country and this option means that the participants typically stay in each other’s residences at the same time, or they may even stay as guests in each other’s homes. you can check this website for more details
  • Couchsurfing another great experience to try easy to use and so trustful, just get an account in this website https://www.couchsurfing.com/ add all details about you and put your schedule plan, right after you gonna get so much offers to host you, check the profiles and read the recommendations.
  • Hostels its a very very nice experience this one even let you meet new friends around the worlds that share with you same love for exploring, young people everywhere but always tack another locker with you to guarantee the safety of your stuff.
  • airnbn application, this one I think it’s very interesting mostly for groups of travellers, you book a flat and you save money, even if it was small you can manage with your friend a way to get rest.

6- Public Transport 

This one soo easy just as you arrive look for any near agency in the airport and they all sell it or keep till the hostel or the hotel they all sell it in the reception with a  free map as well a pass card for public sites.


If you booked your tickets for all what is mentioned above be sure that you’ll not need that much of money anymore you arranged the basics need now you still have the right budget that you need for enjoying your deep desires whatever it was and depending in how much it cost but do not forget to take pictures and to enjoooooy.

with love and Kisses xoxo